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Who We Are

First and foremost, we love Jesus and his church. Deep Discipleship is powered by LeaderTreks Youth Ministry. Our mission at LeaderTreks Youth Ministry is to develop leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. We do this by supporting ministry workers and providing intentional curriculum and experiences that grow preteens and students as disciples and develop them as leaders. Simply put, we want to help preteen and youth workers do what they do best. So we make easy to use, in-depth curriculum and create challenging events and training that make the life of the preteen and youth worker simple.

We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God revealing the love of God to the world and to students. (1 Thessalonians 2:13; 2 Timothy 3:15-17; John 3:16).

What We Believe About Preteen & Youth Ministry

  1. Preteen/Youth Ministry is the ministry of preteens/students to the world
    We believe that church paradigms must shift from having churches with ministries to preteens and students, to having preteens and students with ministries to their world.
  2. Preteen/Youth workers need to be leaders
    We want to help preteen/youth workers be great leaders. A ministry job is huge: create the strategy, resource the ministry, evangelize preteens/students, recruit & equip volunteers, manage a budget, and develop preteen/student/adult leaders. In order to make sense of it all, great leadership is a must.
  1. Parents are the primary faith influencers
    We believe that God gave parents the lead role in their child’s spiritual growth. The church and preteen/youth worker come alongside parents to help them, support them, and provide resources to assist them in their child’s growth. If preteens/students don’t have parents who are Christ-followers, then the church takes the lead.
  1. Adult volunteers are the key to preteen/youth ministry
    The impact of a preteen/youth ministry is determined by the number of adults who are in spiritually-significant relationships with preteens/students. Butts in seats don’t matter as much as these relationships do. That’s why we think the time and resources given toward equipping and training our adult volunteers are priceless.
  1. Preteens and Students can lead now
    Preteen and Student leaders are as much a part of the church’s future as they are a part of its present. Preteen and Student leaders are church leaders, today and tomorrow. They are more than participants; they are owners.

What We Do

Deep Discipleship powered by LeaderTreks Youth Ministry uses innovative training and curriculum to create laboratories where preteens and students can learn, face challenges, and be transformed. Laboratories allow preteens and students to experience truth as well as hear truth, so they can grow into their potential. This is why our curriculum provides experiential learning activities in every lesson we create. This is also why we use challenge in all our resources to help preteens and students catch a glimpse of their personal potential and start down the road of using that potential. Our goal is not to just make preteens and students happy—we want to see them grow as followers of Christ.

LeaderTreks Youth Ministry was founded in 1994 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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