A complete discipleship system for leading intentional preteen and youth ministry

Frequently Asked Questions

Your burning questions, answered.

Who is this curriculum for?


Designed for preteens (4th–6th grade). Also included are resources and tools for parents and adult volunteers.



Designed for students (Junior High/Senior High). Also included are resources and tools for parents and adult volunteers.

How do I access the content?

All of the content for Deep Discipleship is in digital format and is downloadable through your account immediately after purchase. Go to My Account and navigate to the Download Center to access your content.

How long can I access the content?

Downloadable content is completely yours and you can keep it forever. New content will be available each year in May.

What “year” or “volume” of content will I get today?

Deep Discipleship Preteens Year 1 is still in development. Check back soon and sign up to get a heads up when a sample is available.


Deep Discipleship Students Year 2 is currently available for purchase. Deep Discipleship Students Year 1 subscribers will continue to have access to your Year 1 content through your renewal date. Deep Discipleship Students Year 3 will be available in May 2024 with new teaching series, games, and resources.

When do I get the next year’s content?

You’ll have access to content based on your renewal date. Each time your subscription renews, you’ll receive access to the newest content.

For example: If you sign up for Deep Discipleship Students in January 2023, you’ll immediately have access to all of the content in Year 1. When your subscription renews in January 2024, you’ll receive access to Year 2. If you sign up for Deep Discipleship Students in June 2023, you’ll immediately have access to Year 2 content.

When does my subscription renew?

Your subscription will automatically renew every year on the anniversary of your original purchase date.

Can I download everything at once?

Deep Discipleship includes so much content that it is not possible to download everything in one package. However, you can use the Ministry Builder to download your own custom packs of resources. Simply add individual resources to the Ministry Builder and download or email the package.

How do I get my free DNow?


Included in your annual subscription of Deep Discipleship Students (Premium), you'll also receive a free DNow Study from our partner, LeaderTreks Youth Ministry. A unique coupon will be sent to you via email. To redeem, create an account at LeaderTreks Youth Ministry using the same email associated with your Deep Discipleship account. Then shop the DNow Studies page, add any study to your cart, and enter your unique coupon code. Your DNow coupon will expire 1 year from your purchase date.

Can I modify the content?

Some lessons and resources are provided in an editable format so you can modify individual lessons, add your own elements, and customize for your ministry needs.

Can I share the content?

The content is meant to be used solely within the church/organization that purchased it.

Do I have to follow the scope and sequence?

We have created an order based on what we think flows best, but you know your students better than anyone, so you can walk through the curriculum in whatever order you think is best.

Can I get printed copies of the Discipleship Pathway tool?

Yes. We've provided you with a digital copy of the Discipleship Pathway tool. If you want to skip the printing process, you can purchase copies of the Discipleship Pathway for each of your students from our partner LeaderTreks Youth Ministry.

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