A complete discipleship system for leading intentional preteen and youth ministry

The 8 Roots of the Gospel

A Discipleship Strategy For Youth Ministry.

Deep Discipleship resources are meticulously crafted around the foundational strategy of the 8 Roots of Discipleship, representing pivotal truths of the Gospel essential to the Christian faith.

Each lesson reinforces one of these core truths, ensuring your students leave your ministry equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the Gospel, devoid of critical knowledge gaps.

Eliminate Teaching Gaps: Empower Your Students’ Spiritual Journey.

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Deep Discipleship content is built on these essentials of the Christian faith.

The Deep Discipleship system is built on these 8 Roots of the Gospel:

Rescue Root

Helps students understand their need for a Savior. (John 1:12)

Students deeply connected to their personal stories of redemption through Christ show a firm grasp of the consequences of sin. They are ready to sacrifice for God and others, have a growing passion for evangelism, and display a remarkable ability to show grace to themselves and others. This root explores the doctrine of Soteriology.

Knowledge Root

Helps students learn the basics about God. (2 Timothy 3:16–17)

Students deeply rooted in knowing God prioritize His Word, grow in love for Him, involve Him in decisions, and build a personal relationship beyond church. This root examines the importance of Christology.

Kingdom Root

Helps students understand how to live in the Kingdom of God every day. (Luke 17:20–21)

Students deeply rooted in understanding God’s kingdom are inspired to selflessly serve, embrace the marginalized, practice inclusivity, and adopt a long-term outlook. This root studies the concept of Sanctification.

Outreach Root

Helps students discover their God-given mission. (Romans 10:14–15)

Students with a strong passion for reaching the lost demonstrate a readiness to share their faith story, leverage current events for outreach, cultivate empathy beyond their inner circle, and advocate for justice globally. This root details the vital role of Evangelism.

Apologetics Root

Prepares students to explain the hope they have in Christ. (1 Peter 3:15)

Students deeply anchored in sustaining truths maintain a balance between knowing God intimately and understanding His nature. They exhibit humility and honesty, openly addressing doubts and uncertainties while seeking guidance from spiritual mentors. Additionally, they communicate truth with compassion and love. This root looks at Christology, Ecclesiology, and Trinitarian Theology.

Worship Root

Helps students explore what it means to have a lifestyle of worship. (Psalm 105:1)

Students deeply rooted in a lifestyle of worship integrate faith into every aspect of their lives, aspiring to mirror Christ. They demonstrate obedience and gratitude, actively seek growth through practices like prayer and giving, and joyfully engage in worship irrespective of circumstances. This root digs into Pneumatology.

Community Root

Teaches students about the meaning of biblical fellowship. (James 1:27)

Students deeply rooted in their connection with the community of Christ embody qualities of peacemaking, encouragement, and fostering unity. They actively identify and utilize their spiritual gifts to serve the church, demonstrate submission to spiritual authority, and prioritize inclusivity and authenticity. This root explores the significance of Ecclesiology.

Identity Root

Helps students discover their unique identity in Christ. (Genesis 1:27)

Students deeply grounded in their identity as God’s children ooze confidence, acceptance of others, and authenticity across all situations. They maintain a consistent lifestyle, demonstrating integrity in their actions. Furthermore, they eagerly utilize their spiritual gifts and talents to advance the kingdom. This root checks out the truth of Justification.

Unlocking Spiritual Growth:

Fostering Faith in Students

While the depth of a student’s faith is known only to God, our role as spiritual mentors is pivotal. We cultivate disciples with unwavering faith by diligently focusing on The 8 Roots of the Gospel. Trusting in the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, we strive to embody the life-saving truth that shapes disciples and nurtures souls. make disciples with deeply-rooted faith.

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