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The 8 Roots of the Gospel

The entire family of Deep Discipleship resources is built on the strategy of the 8 Roots of Discipleship—8 core truths of the Gospel that are essential to the Christian faith.

In every lesson, you’ll reinforce one of these core truths to make sure your students graduate from your ministry without critical gaps in their knowledge of the Gospel.

Leave no gaps in your teaching.

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Deep Discipleship content is built on these essentials of the Christian faith.

The Deep Discipleship system is built on these 8 Roots of the Gospel:

Rescue Root

Helps students understand their need for a Savior. (John 1:12)

Students who are deeply rooted in their story of being rescued by Christ understand the consequences of sin, are willing to sacrifice for God and others, develop a growing passion for evangelism, and show grace to others and self.

Knowledge Root

Helps students learn the basics about God. (2 Timothy 3:16–17)

Students who are deeply rooted in the truth about who God is and their pursuit of knowing him value God’s Word, display a growing love and desire to know him, incorporate God into decision-making, and develop a relationship with God outside of church walls.

Kingdom Root

Helps students understand how to live in the Kingdom of God every day. (Luke 17:20–21)

Students who are deeply rooted in their understanding of God’s kingdom and who are living from a kingdom perspective are inspired to serve selflessly, embrace the last and least, are welcoming and inclusive of others, and have a long-term perspective.

Outreach Root

Helps students discover their God-given mission. (Romans 10:14–15)

Students who are deeply rooted in their desire and ability to reach the lost show a willingness to share their faith story, use current situations as outreach, are developing a deep value for others (beyond friends), and show a desire for justice in the world.

Apologetics Root

Prepares students to explain the hope they have in Christ. (1 Peter 3:15)

Students who are deeply rooted in the truths that sustain their faith are able to balance knowing God and knowing about God, are humble and honest (especially about doubts or unknowns), show a willingness to learn and seek out spiritual mentors, and speak the truth in love.

Worship Root

Helps students explore what it means to have a lifestyle of worship. (Psalm 105:1)

Students who are deeply rooted in a lifestyle of worship make faith a part of their whole life and have a desire to imitate Christ. They exhibit obedience and thankfulness, are eager to grow in disciplines like prayer and giving, and joyfully engage in worship regardless of circumstance.

Community Root

Teaches students about the meaning of biblical fellowship. (James 1:27)

Students who are deeply rooted in their connection with the community of Christ are peacemakers and encouragers who promote unity. They know and use their spiritual gifts to serve the church, submit to spiritual authority, and are inclusive and authentic.

Identity Root

Helps students discover their unique identity in Christ. (Genesis 1:27)

Students who are deeply rooted in their identity as God’s children are comfortable in their own skin, affirming of others, and display a consistent lifestyle—they are the same person in all circumstances. They are eager to use their spiritual gifts and wiring for the kingdom.

An Intentional Route to Spiritual Growth

Ultimately, only God knows the heart of a student. Only he can measure faith. And while no one but the Holy Spirit can transform the heart of a student, as spiritual mentors we are responsible for reflecting, uncovering, and resembling the truth that saves lives and makes disciples. Intentionally focusing on The 8 Roots of the Gospel helps us make disciples with deeply-rooted faith.

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