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Free Parent Resource

Movie Wisdom is an easy-to-use Family Activity that helps parents focus on Faith at Home, and gets children’s/youth workers and parents on the same team.

Movie Wisdom Includes:

  • Easy-To-Use Instructions & Our Discipleship Model
    • Trust, Grace, Truth, Change & Obedience
  • Parent-Child Activity
    • Family Movie Night
    • Scripture about godly wisdom
    • Prompts for Sharing and Discussion about God’s Wisdom
    • Application Steps to Take Together

Why Partner with Parents?

Adorable little boy painting with colorful pencils in notebook with mother while lying on bed

We believe that parents are the primary faith influencers in a child’s life and the best disciple making takes place when a child’s parents or guardians take the lead. That’s why we’ve created this discipleship activity that you can provide to the parents of your preteens. It’s based on our Discipleship Model and is designed to help parents feel confident as they share their faith with their child. And when parents feel connected and supported, your ministry impact grows.

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