Welcome to the perfect solution for engaging preteens in ministry! We carefully designed our curriculum to suit preteens, balancing deep content with fun and interactive learning experiences. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches and hello to a curriculum designed specifically for preteens.

Why Choose Our Preteen Curriculum?

  1. Tailored for Preteens: We designed our curriculum with preteens’ developmental needs and interests in mind. It resonates with their questions, challenges, and spiritual growth.
  2. Interactive and Engaging: Gone are the days of boring lectures. Our curriculum incorporates interactive activities, discussion prompts, games, and multimedia resources to keep preteens engaged and excited about learning.
  1. Balanced Content: We understand the importance of providing depth of content without overwhelming preteens. Our curriculum strikes the perfect balance, covering essential biblical truths and practical life application in a digestible format.
  1. Flexible and Adaptable: Whether you’re teaching in a small group setting or a large classroom, our curriculum is flexible and adaptable to fit your ministry’s unique needs and preferences.

What Does Our Preteen Curriculum Include?

  • Biblical Lessons: Engaging lessons that dive deep into Scripture while making it relevant and applicable to preteens’ lives.
  • Interactive Activities: Fun and meaningful activities that encourage participation, critical thinking, and spiritual growth.
  • Discussion Guides: Thought-provoking questions and discussion prompts to facilitate meaningful conversations and foster community among preteens.
  • Creative Resources: Access to multimedia resources, including videos, games, and downloadable leader guides, to enhance the learning experience.

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Lead a Disciple-Making Preteen Ministry
with Deep Discipleship Preteens, your complete curriculum & system for preteen ministry. Build a ministry this age group wants to attend. 

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