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Run a Thriving Preteen Ministry
by Deep Discipleship
Preteens are the most misunderstood, overlooked, and often avoided age group in kids' ministry. They are weird and awkward BUT have incredible potential! Instead of being stuck between children and student ministry, these kids can thrive and take sig…
Relationships are the Key to Preteen Ministry
by Deep Discipleship
For some, the word preteen may strike fear into their hearts, but for me, it brings joy! I have worked in a children's ministry setting for twenty years and have been in the trenches with all ages. But every time I find myself in a class with preteen…
Building A Preteen Ministry That Lasts
by Deep Discipleship
Vision Casting Few people set out to start a preteen ministry. Most either get asked (or told) to start one, or God puts a burden on their heart. There are a few resources for beginning a preteen ministry, but the real trick is keeping it going over …
4 Tips For Building A Better Preteen Ministry
by Eric Ballard
Welcome to the world of Preteen Ministry, where new feelings and skills run wild, and what our friends think of us reigns supreme. Whether you are still considering starting a Preteen Ministry or have been leading one for years, here are four tips fo…
New Blog Post
by Doug Franklin
It’s closing in on summer quickly! Already, kids are enjoying the bliss of sleeping in late, going to the pool, family vacations, and all the fun things. Just around the corner, the new school year starts and you should already be thinking about the …
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