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5 Essential Tips for Preteen Ministry Discipleship​

Nurturing Preteens in Their Spiritual Growth

Explore these five actionable tips to guide preteen students through their spiritual journey in your ministry. From building foundational relationships to addressing challenging truths, discover how you can make a lasting impact on your students’ faith.

Tip 1: Establishing Strong Relationships as the Foundation

Learn the importance of building trust and connection with preteen students to create a suitable environment for fostering discipleship. Discover how understanding their interests and challenges can lay the groundwork for effective mentorship and spiritual guidance.

Tip 2: Reinforcing Biblical Foundations Through Engaging Methods

Discover creative ways to reinforce foundational biblical truths among preteen students. From interactive games to group discussions, find engaging methods to help preteens see the relevance of Scripture in their daily lives.

Tip 3: Cultivating Open Dialogue and Curiosity

Encourage a culture of curiosity and questioning within your preteen ministry, fostering an environment where students feel empowered to explore their faith. Learn how to navigate tricky questions with honesty and humility, strengthening their spiritual journey.

Tip 4: Leading by Example in Christ-like Living

Understand the influence of your actions and attitudes as a leader in preteen ministry. Discover how modeling Christ-like behavior can inspire and guide preteen students in their faith walk, leaving a lasting impression on their spiritual development.

Tip 5: Addressing Complex Concepts with Clarity and Compassion

Address challenging truths with clarity and compassion to help preteens navigate the transition from concrete to abstract thinking. Learn how to break down complex concepts into digestible lessons, empowering preteens to wrestle with more profound theological ideas.

Making a Lasting Impact in Preteen Ministry Discipleship

Embrace the journey of disciplining preteen students with patience, dedication, and faith. Your investment in their spiritual growth lays the foundation for a lifelong commitment to Christ, shaping their faith journey for years.

Try Deep Discipleship Preteens

Deep Discipleship Preteens is a complete curriculum and system with everything you need for ministry to 4th–6th grade students.

  • Biblical truth that goes beyond stories.
  • Lessons that help adult volunteers move from classroom management to relational mentors.
  • Tools that equip parents to guide their children into adolescents.
  • Biblical truth that goes beyond stories.
  • Lessons that help adult volunteers move from classroom management to relational mentors.
  • Tools that equip parents to guide their children into adolescents.

Deep Discipleship

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